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Jewelry Savings Plan Complaints & Reviews

Jewelry Savings Plan - Illinois, Chicago / Constantly sending products saying I joined their plan


This company continues to send me products I did not order; saying I "joined" their plan. This is totally false. I am on social security and can barely pay my rent; and I would never buy phony, fake jewelry if I could afford to buy anything. They claim my "satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!" what does that mean. If I didn't order it, didn't "join" any of their plans how can I be satisfied. These are crooks and must be stopped at all costs.

Jewelry Savings Plan - Idaho, Boise / Internet Fraud


Ordered one item and found myself signed up for a jewlery of the month club. This is not mentioned on their website unless you review the Terms and Conditions. The terms and conditions state they will bill your credit card automatically for $19.99 + 4.99 shipping and handling but instead they bill for $24.99 + 4.99 shipping and handling. Before the first monthly shippment was even received they've already billed for a second one and won't stop shipment of the item. They do not provide a phone number on their website or on their bill. The only way I was able to contact them was by the...

Jewelry Savings Plan - Mississippi, Long Beach / wont stop sending stuff


My mother in law, who isnt a stranger to ordering from any site online, got an online ad for this jewelry place, Jewelry Savings Plan, so she tried it out, the jewelry couldnt be more cracker jack looking, and now even tho she writes an email once a week, they will not stop sending her crappy jewelry...and charging her around $25 a month for this stuff. Do not order from this company unless you want the cheapest looking ever!! They just dont know when to stop.

Jewelry Savings Plan - Illinois, Chicago / canceled acct. still sending jewelry


I too have been a "victim" of thier company. Just as all the others I order a ring (for free, just pay shipping) with no indication that I would be enrolled in a monthly subscription. JSP sent the ring, then proceeded to send me monthly packages and charge my credit card. When I canceled my acct. they continued to send and charge me, I have been returning to sender for credits (which they have been doing), I have also sent emails and letters through the mail with no luck of my acct. actually being closed. This has been going on since Aug. 2017 (3 months now). I am now sending a complaint through my credit card and stopping any further payments to them.

Jewelry Savings Plan - Illinois, Chicago / unauthorized withdrawal from checking account


They continue to withdraw money from my account every month even though I have cancelled numerous times. A phone number cannot be found for them. I have notified them by email, thru their emails to me I have unsubscribed, and yet they still withdraw the money. I have filed a complaint with my bank, launched an investigation, and filed this complaint online. The Jewelry Savings Plan must be stopped. From reading other complaints online I am not their only victim.

Jewelry Savings Plan - Illinois, Chicago / FRAUD, CHARGES FOR NOTHING


I had a similiar experience as in the other complaint. I ordered the FIRST one, then cancelled thru THEIR emai system, which convientely did not cancel until they already had a chance to take out TWO more payments without even sending me any of their crappy jewelry. I have had to a fraud invetigation with my bank and get a new card with new numbers on it to prevent them from ever charging me again. I was overdrawn for 2 months because of them and the just refuse to make anything right. This whole deal is a lie and a cheat to get your money and either send you crap jewelry or no jewelry at all...

Jewelry Savings Plan - Washington, Spokane / Fraud


I ordered the "I Love You" ring, and I was sent the ring and a FREE pair of PEARL earrings...the pearls DID NOT match, the pouch was cheap and the ring is not what I thought it would I sent an email and canceled the account right away. I have been charged again...they have been reported to the on-line BBB and to the Trustee site that they are signed up with...and I file a charge of fraud against and signed papers at my bank yesterday to that.