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Ivy Capital, Inc Complaints & Reviews

Ivy Capital, Inc - Nevada, Las Vegas / Fraud


Ivy Capital talks fast and makes you fall into their trap. I was at a weak moment when they found out my credit line of $11, 000 from Discover was available so they charged me this calling it your invest into becoming wealthy. You have to train vigorously for 6 months. I changed my mind. They would not let me renig on my account with them but I didn't sign any papers nor did I receive any material from them except what to expect for the next 6 months. I am disabled and cannot do the work they want me to do. I wanted out the day after I figured they were just out to get that $10, 880. So...

Ivy Capital, Inc - Nevada, Las Vegas / investment


I was fast talked into a money making scheme at a weak moment in my life. And a day later it dawned on me that I had charged $10, 880 on my Discover card to invest in their program. The program is too itense for me and the money is way too much for me to pay back. They are calling me every hour, every day still trying to confirm that i agreed with with program. I told last week I had changed my mind and wanted outbut they just had some other fast talker try to talk me into doing it. They've been harassing me and are not listening to what I am saying. I finally cursed them out today. But...