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Italian Luxe Boutique Complaints & Reviews

Italian Luxe Boutique / Their handbags are not real


I went to this website to purchase an item. I provided my credit card info and the company took the money but sent me no merchandise. After (10) days not hearing from them or getting information on the status of my order I sent them an email inquiring about my purchase. They took my money on 8/9/2010 and sent me an email over ten days later telling me that I needed to send them more money before I could get the merchandise. So - they took my money and gave me nothing. They stole my money took my account information off their website and did nothing about it. They are currently being...

Italian Luxe Boutique - Illinois, Morton Grove / Stole Money


I went to Italian Luxe Boutique's website to purchase a Gucci Handbag. They were running a 40% off promotion with a Prada keychain included with every order. I copied the advertisement just in case the company did not follow through on the offer. I thought I had purchased the Gucci handbag provided all my credit card info and the company took the money, but after waiting more than (10) days and not receiving any merchandise or any emails with a status of my order, I started to wonder what was going on. I sent an email around the 19th of August requesting info on my order. The company...

Italian Luxe Boutique - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / refund


on 9-1-09 i went on line and purchased a gucci bag from, italian luxe boutique. As time went by i received the bag to my surprise it was damage. I try to call the company no address no ph whats so ever. To this day im on the phone almost everyday with capital one re: to this problem They stated they have no ph or address for this company. Thank you Capital one for your help with resolving this problem, trying to get my money back $306.88 lost for now. I sent all the papers for my disput. For the amount two company for the hall of shame...

Italian Luxe Boutique - Florida, Miami Beach / Sell FAKE handbags


Hello, I posted a complaint last week and have NOT received any responses back yet. I bought MANY so called designer handbags thinking they were REAL until we sold one to a lady in China that knew the difference and DEMANDED her money back. I had to pay out ALMOST $2000 to this lady and can NOT get Italian Luxe to return my e-mails concerning this. I asked them to return my money but told me I would have to wait till the general manager got back from his 3 week vacation to approve this return since it was over the alloted time to return items. Then I was told they were restructuring their...