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IQ Data Complaints & Reviews

IQ Data - Washington, Everett / harassing phone calls

Aug 30, 2017

Those reps from IQ data are soo rude !! They talk to you anyway and think that's gonna get them paid ! The guy said he tracked me down from my Facebook page !! That's creepy and then he said you know who I am I just told you lady . This guys name was Chris trust you will know when he calls you he is rude from the start . . Maybe they should think about how they call people and talk to them because they won't get a damn dime talking to people like [censor] . Get it together

IQ Data / harassment

Feb 23, 2015

Omg... This place calls and harasses me non stop!!! I spoke with them on friday and told them that I did not have the remaining $1402.50 owed as I had already made a payment of $900 within a month to them of an amount of $2500 that is owed. Today is monday, I had 2 missed calls on my cell phone and then they even had the nerve to call my parents house. After I found out they called there, I was pissed. I called them and jody thornberry answered, which is by far the most unpleasant person i've ever dealt with in my life. I told her I told you on friday, I didn't have the money. Mind you they...

IQ Data / held hostage

Oct 22, 2014

Being held hostage by the devil Iq data a total of four years, for a lieing cheating, greedy Apartments complex. They sold the property to another company Center Pointe Raleigh Nc so they say or just changed the named because service was so bad the complex had black mole, flood refrigerator, taped furnaces sparkling stove with no maintenance response I moved out of that hazard a month early. Wanting to move out, I left in a proper matter had a cleaning crew help clean and move my items . Now Iq data after the Judge dismissed the small claim the Landing had on me Iq data is still thristy. So I...

IQ Data - Michigan, Wixom / keep sending someone else's mail to me

Apr 29, 2014

IQ data keeps sending me a collections for a person named Debbi Shields. I opened the first letter by mistake and called the local number. The receptionist screamed at me that I had committed a felony and I was in big trouble. Refused to listen or let me talk to the person in charge of the loan. I sealed the letter in the envelope and returned it to the company with a note that it's the wrong address. Yesterday the resent a collections letter to the same person, Debbi Shields, to my address. I'm sending it back to IQ data today. This poor person is not getting a notice of collections and they're probably going to tag on extra charges and ruin her credit.

IQ Data / past rent debt

Dec 13, 2013

I owe past property debt and it was sent to IQ Data collection agency/ Stephanie Gorla. I haven't been able to completely pay off the debt because of the amount (over 2, 000), added interest, no job, lack of income and special circumstances. I just start making payments to IQ Data recently and agreed to pay $200 monthly and then the remainder of the debt at tax time. I just called IQ Data before my payment is due and told them that I am unable to pay the $200 this month because of all the expenses and things I had to pay out for the month and I noted my birthday, christmas and so much...

IQ Data - Washington, Everett / unauthorized credit charges


This company is so horrible. My cousin broke a lease on an apartment, i was on the lease also. They say we owe $5513.59. I cannot pay that amount, but we were trying to collect the funds and pay them by the 20th of january 2010, to stop the lawsuits, (Even thought your credit is ruined the second they start calling). Do not give them a card number to secure your account - they will run the card daily for the amount you owe. I put my boyfriends prepaid credit card on file to stop the court proceedings, they ran it 9 times, even though they knew the card was not in my name, for $5, 513.59...

IQ Data - Texas, El Paso / harrasment and unprofessionalism


I have been called several times and when I try to discuss the matter at hand all I get back is just pay the debt because you owe it at thats that. The first woman I spokewith was okay at first then became very rude and threatening to me. I tired explaining that I had never received anything in the mail and she said that they snt me several letters which I still have yet to receive and they have my correct address because I gave it to her myself. The calls stopped and today 8/18/09 a gentleman not even giving his name was very rude and told me to get out my credit card or check book to pay...