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InformedRX Complaints & Reviews

InformedRX - Illinois / Horrible Service

Feb 24, 2012

I have had nothing but problems using Informed Mail to get my medication. I have repeatedly had to call my wonderful doctor and tell her to call them and sort out whatever their issue of the day is. On one occasion it took me over a month to finally get them to send my prescription. This was last July/August. I had been calling them since around July 20th telling them to send my medication. Every single person I spoke to (four people) said that it was "processing". I'm glad I kept calling to confirm because a month later (when I had run out of medication) it was STILL processing, even...

InformedRX - Illinois, Lyle / 3 months to get meds filled

Dec 05, 2011

Mail in prescription company used by Local 701 Mechanics union in Chicago IL. Company states that you are able to have new prescription filled with in 10 working days of submitting them. NOT true. Their phone service people do not document all they need to on a phone conversation for their convince later on. When they do fill the script after months of daily sending from the Dr's office personnel, by script by fax, phone and their outsourced e-mail service weeks and weeks later your notes on your account pertaining to the weeks of not receiving the script disappear. Therefor making them...