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Ina Elias Associates Complaints & Reviews

Ina Elias Associates - Ontario, Toronto / Very difficult woman to work with. Doesn't pay


Ina Elias is a very difficult woman to work with. She has 2 very extreme personality's one being burnt out but tolerable the other raging mad and acting like a complete maniac. She will verbally insult anyone working with her currently or in the past and convince you that everyone in the world is a total idiot except for herself. She will promise you a certain amount of money only to find every way she can to get out of it in the end or convince you that she ended up doing all the work and she owes you nothing. Working in Ina in her tiny office is painful and I have never heard of an...

Ina Elias Associates - Ontario, Toronto / refused to sign contract, then lower your salary for new immigrants


Ina is a sugar-coated old woman. During the interview she told you she will have company group insurance and other benefits, buying some new computer equipments very soon. She said she has very tight budget but will give you a raise after 3 months. She refused to sign a written contract with you claiming she has been busy and will provide the contract on the first day start working. When you started working with her, you learned from another coworker (she had only one staff) that she never sign any contract with anyone. She made you work until 11pm or even overnight. One week later, when you...