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IBSN Tax Complaints & Reviews

IBSN Tax / Fraudulent activity

Jan 25, 2013

One of the worst companies to deal with. Paid for the tax services and its not yet filed. The company has shut its doors in Hyderabad office, no numbers are reachable. In addition, its head Laxmi Palaypu is a full time fraud. Promised services when the complaints were put online & has done nothing about it. He only complains about his staff & the IRS. Lodged complaints against him and the company to ensure he is never allowed to land in India again.

IBSN Tax - Texas / They are asking extra money to get the previous year tax returns

Sep 3, 2012

This company is an useless company. I recommend not to file tax. I have requested for my return in the email as the website doesn't have the files. These guys are asking for extra money to send the docs by email. So, it clearly says that after you file if you need any help that will be extra cost. They say that they will keep and support for 7years. leave about 7 year we don't have guarantee for 1 year. Please find the email they send to me. Respected sir, We request you to kindly pay an amount of $10.30 each (includes 3% PayPal charges) for your 2009 tax return PDF documents. These...

IBSN Tax / Tax Representation Fraud

Jul 11, 2012

I want to report a very serious issue against IBSN and would like to request all readers to take a note of my case and refrain from dealing with IBSN. I also noticed that there are similar multiple complaints filed dating back to 2009 on this forum and its 2012 and this fraudulent company is still running!! Year after Year IBSN has been cheating & looting … don’t know… 100’s 1000’s of innocent tax payers. I am not sure why has there been no action against this company until now. My experience with IBSN ---- Dec 2011, I received IRS audit notices for Tax Year...

IBSN Tax - Illinois, Moline / IBSN is a fraut company

May 3, 2012

I am a victim of this fraudulent company. They filed my tax and now I got a Audit notice from the IRS to know that there were several mistakes in my return. When I called them and told them about the audit, they asked me to send the documents and will defend my case. I sent them all the documents as requested. They told me that they will contact me on 22 Apr as my due date was Apr 25th. I waited for their call and didn't get any, then I tried to call them and no one is taking my call. It's already been several weeks now and still I have not got hold of anyone from IBSN. I have sent...


Apr 28, 2012

ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS, PLEASE DO NOT FILE YOUR TAX WITH IBSN, EVER !!! THIS IS NOT A COMPANY TO TRUST !!! I filed my tax from IBSN in 2010 (File No#:M71094‚Äč:) and now when I've recieved the IRS inquiry, they have not responded to numerous emails that I've sent [email protected] and thousands of call. No one picks up the calls. During the time of filing I was made big promises that if any inquiry occurs that the ywill help me out. But now they dont have a courtesy to even ACKNOWLEDGE a call or even emails. This company is the biggest FRUAD and should be IMMEDIATELY BANNED so that they cannot cause any sort of trouble for other people like me.

IBSN Tax - Pennsylvania, Erie / Tax preparation

Apr 9, 2012

My IBSN file number is W20109. I was told that I can get tax refund from IRS $2200 based on initial summary. so they requested me to give paypal and credit card information. I trusted them and I have given all credit card & paypal information, then i noticed that they charged me $300 without my knowledge. even after paid this amount tax summary was shows that i need to pay $2900 to IRS. I am not sure how they are preparing tax summary without evidance. Simply they are collecting money from people then no response from them. I called them to India (bangalore IBSN) office, there is no response...

IBSN Tax / Fraud Company

Feb 26, 2012

First of all you read this DO NOT file your return through IBSN, its fraud company there just to GET YOUR MONEY and put you in TROUBLE OF AUDIT. For my 2010 IRS return for my BAD LUCK i approaced the IBSN and started the activities and they were calling me for all the details and verifivation and i suppose to pay the fees. Once i paid the fees there were no calls and their phones were no reachable at all. There was no response from the IBSN as they had highly customized my returns and i needed some changes to my return. Irrespective of calling multiple times and sending messages in their website...

IBSN Tax - California, San Jose / Want to loan from IRS for 25% interest and Penalties

Feb 16, 2012

Hi, If you want money from IRS with 25% interest and pay back with penalties, IBSN is the right place. I was filing thru IBSN from 2007, IBSN showed lots for returns by cooked up stuff in the returns which are illegal. IRS simply sent check each year. Recently I have received a Query from IRS for 2008 -2010 returns. IBSN told me that, IRS asked you to respond, so send the proofs, and docs. IBSN didn't even take authorization to represent my case. I consulted another CPA hardly to resolve my case, it ended up paying back $8500. IRS always catch you, because they loaned you the money for 25% interest+ penalties. Thanks Your Name

IBSN Tax - Iowa / This company is a fraud

Feb 1, 2012

This company is a fraud. Save your tax records and file taxes responsibly. If you are a non-resident alien. you should be more careful. These people claim you as a temporary worker even if you work on OPT or CPT. If you work on OPT or CPT you can never claim your tax home as other country. But they claim and itemize your taxes. IRS has recently audited me and i have to pay $5000 in taxes. Fortunately IRS was very freindly and helped me to understand the complexity. I was advised by the IRS to warn people about this company. You can call IRS and ask about IBSN and you will understand that IRS...

IBSN Tax - California / Refuse to provide with filed tax documents

Jan 24, 2012

I have been using IBSN for a few years to file tax records, but it has just turned into a nightmare. I contacted them as they have not returned my filed tax records. I got a message from someone called Jollin Britto stating I need to pay additional fees to retrieve my records. Anyone having a similar issue? Is there a case against them? None of their numbers seem to be working and neither is the website up and running.

IBSN Tax / IBSN fraud

Jun 29, 2011

I have paid the fees for filing my US tax return in April 2011, waiting for the refund but I still did not receive anything.Neither the site is working nor the phone number, I am fed up, if there is any problem they should inform me or atleast pick my call. When I was in US i had filed with a local guy and received the refund in few days and now it is more than 2 months Can anyone help me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

IBSN Tax / Tax returns

May 11, 2011

I wanted to share my pathetic experience with IBSN tax services. They started their so called tax filing process with an Questionaire and a list of documents. After following up at least 25 times after payment they claimed to have filed my taxes on 1st April 2011. That's more than 3 months of preparation time. Let's just say that the management doesn't know anything about customer service and sadly don't give a damn to the customers. I thought my night mare was over. After waiting for over 6 weeks when there was no refund from Federal, I tried to look up my status on IRS...

IBSN Tax / Incorrect Refund Filing

May 2, 2011

I have filed the tax return with IBSN for year 2010 on 17th of april, 2011. The tax filing form 1040 sent to me and which was approved by me stated the returns of 4207 USD amount. But when the return came back it was only for 3457 USD, which seems to me the error while filing the taxes. Because when i got the 8879 form from IBSN to sign it and upload it, it contained the return amount of 3457 USD for the same i sent soo many messages to IBSN team to correct the form information and send it back, but i didnt received any response from the IBSN and we were hitting the last date for e-file. So i...

IBSN Tax - Illinois / Cheated Us

Apr 16, 2011

Hi, I would like to bring it to your notice that, we have been provided with incorrect information by you guys. We feel like cheated. I was filing tax for myself and my wife jointly. My File number is - C22553 Our Tax Summary Sheet was showing some other information and as we were satisfied with the calculation, so we paid - $332 to IBSN on 14th Apr 2011 as there fees. Later when we received the PDF Document from IBSN with the detailed breakup summary of the Tax Calculation, it was totally different from what was shown earlier in the Tax Summary (when we were making the payment) and thi...

IBSN Tax / Made me overpay the tax fee and then did not refund

Mar 11, 2011

DO NOT file your taxes with this company. They are the most irresponsible people I have ever dealt with. Last year they made me overpay for a service which I have not used and later never returned my overpaid return. Below are some of my several requests/messsages I made last year. It is almost an year now and they still didnt return the overpaid amount. They are so shameless, that they call me this year to ask me if I will get my tax filing done throug their company and when I asked them about my previous years refund, they hung up on me. SHAMELESS IDIOTS!!! Never believe the assurancecs you...

IBSN Tax / Cheating


The company is a cheat. They are totally unprofessional. Even complaints formally registered to them are not addressed properly. They charged me $100 for Foreign Bank Account Reporting charges in March 2010 and never provided any service on this. When I followed up with them in March, they said we would do this after 15 April when the tax filing is over. In May, they said someone would get back to you in a couple of weeks. Its first week of June now and they are now not even responding to any email. They are sure cheat. Any way to sue them or get a refund of the money I paid them?

IBSN Tax / Lack of Knowledge


My list of complaints 1> Lack of knowledge on capital gains. The differnce in the amounts IBSN found and I have is not a few 10 or 100$ its a couple fo 1000$. I fail to understand how can such a big error be? I found the differnce and notified the person who was handling my capital gains (Naresh @ IBSN). I walked him though the excel sheet he sent and pointed the error to him. He said it was a mistake. he will review it and fix it. Next after a few days, I was contacted with updated summa ry. I got new numbers and again incorrect, I know these figures were not right because, I have been...

IBSN Tax / Tax returns filed incorrectly


This a completely unprofessional company reliant on manipulating your tax estimates. Do not get sucked in for they will promise high estimated returns; They will lure you into getting more returns than other companies might suggest. They also charge a high upfront fee. There is no process to refund you in case of any goof up from their side...and a goof up is something that you would come to expect. No sane person would commit filing tax returns from them after reading so many complaints about them on the web, unless you want to jeopardize your prospects of getting a GC. Please AVOID AT ALL COSTS...

IBSN Tax - Wisconsin, Brookfield / Inadequate Service


I had engaged IBSN taxto file my tax returns. While selling the services, I was told that I will only need to upload my input documents and IBSN will handle everything else thereon. The services sought were extension of return filing date in US, applying for ITIN numbers for wife and kids and filing of IRS and State Return. They charged me USD 275. Now they have handed inaccurate documents to me and have advised me to pursue ITIN aplication and filing of return with IRS, State on my own. Any attempt to correct documents or discuss issues is in vain since the contact numbers provided by them on...

IBSN Tax / Never file through IBSN


Never Never file with IBSN. They would sell the services on the pretext of being an Indian company who can handle it more effectively and know the rules. They dont know anything and dont have a CPA on the team. They hire low cost laborers in Hyderabad paying them meagre amount who even cant talk properly. They would ask you some question and prepare the tax return. After they have given the quote, they would start pushing for payments and once you have made the same, forget about any service from them. In my friend's case, they filed late and he had to suffer penalties and also since the query...