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Hudson Fulton LLC Complaints & Reviews

Hudson Fulton LLC - Texas, Dallas / investment concerns

Jan 28, 2018

Philip M Verges UNISDR Private Sector Advisory Group member Philip Verges, founder of the Small Equity Initiative, introduced UC&CS to UNISDR's work following a presentation on public private partnerships (PPP) to reduce disaster risk at the UC&CS Third Conference of Central and South America Regions held last month in Colombia. Philip has an abundance of disastrous experiences as delineated below. BUT, WHAT IS THIS! Philip Verges has been associated with eighteen companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a eleven year period...

Hudson Fulton LLC - Illinois, Plano / need to get company stock listed

Jan 17, 2018

Prediction: into the future Mr. Verges provides his personal insight into the factors that led to the Company™s recently announced 2006 results of operations, where revenue increased 55% to $77.6 Million. NewMarket delivers its portfolio of products and services through its global network of Solution Integration subsidiaries in North America, Latin America, China and Singapore. NewMarket maximizes shareholder return on investment by independent listing of consolidated regional and emerging technology subsidiaries in order to issue subsidiary stock in shareholder...

Hudson Fulton LLC / transparency of philip m verges' business credentials

Jan 13, 2018

The link below has Philip Verges introducing his new company and bragging about his past business successes. Here is an excerpt from the website, "Philip's Frontier Market business development experience is built on his founding of a technology firm in 1997 that grew to over $130 million in annual sales with the majority of sales coming from Emerging and Frontier Markets." I would like to examine Philip M Verges' recollection of his past successes. Philip M Verges' main claim-to-fame is his flagship enterprise Newmarket Technology Inc. Currently...

Hudson Fulton LLC / investment services

Dec 01, 2017

Philip M Verges is aprincipal in Hudson Fulton LLC. and is on their Website boasting of his past business successes. Well, here are a few of his "profitable" companies that still exist in the market place. The others failed and blew away like a dead tumbleweed. WORLD SERIES OF GOLF INC COM WSGF: OTC Pink $0.001 CHINA CRESCENT ENTERPRISES INC COM CCTR: OTC Pink 0.0001 WORLD SERIES OF GOLF INC COM WSGF: OTC Pink 0.001 NORTH AMERN CANNABIS HLDGS INC COM USMJ: OTC Pink 0.0003 PROTEK CAP INC COM PRPM: OTC Pink 0.00001 NWMT, NVAE, NUBL, NLAI (gone!) ...