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HomeFront Quality Roofing Complaints & Reviews

HomeFront Quality Roofing - Colorado, Denver / The Road to He11


Homefront Quality Roofing: It’s possible that Mike George (the license holder, he tells me) had the intention of fixing the roof which was under warranty (the work done was prior to the recent purchase of the house). However, after over 2 months of delays, excuses, and over 25 phone calls and text messages, he did nothing. Meanwhile, every time there was precipitation, there was further damage to my house (including electrical) which will cost significant amounts to repair. The contractor I hired to actually fix it said the wrong adhesive was used. I don’t recommend trusting your home and money to this level of quality or service.

HomeFront Quality Roofing - Colorado, Denver / Fraud, Misrepresentation,Duress


On July 20, 2009 Kent Craft a representative of HomeFront Quality roofing appoached me and asked if my roof had been inspected from the sever hail and wind storm from the previous day, I told him no he got out his ladder and got on the roof and told me that my roof had suffered severe Hail and Wind damage and that I had almost run out of time to file a claim on the damage and that if I gave him my Home Owners Insurance policy number and signed the paper he gave me to sign he would be in contact with my insurance company and get my roof fixed and that HomeFront Quality Roofing used only the...