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HISTORY MAKER HOMES Complaints & Reviews

HISTORY MAKER HOMES - Texas, Fort Worth / Not Reliable

May 18, 2013

Bruce French from History Maker Homes is the land Acquisition lead. He has misrepresented the facts on multiple occasions. He over promises and under delivers. I am an investor and approached him for building new track homes. He promised to build for $47/sft. When it came to agreement, he came out with $60/sft and removed some features. He is not a trust worthy individual. I won't do any business with him or his company in the future. He gave me an impression that he is looking for a kick-back, in which case he would have probably done the job at $47/sft. Be very cautious with this guy. He is very polished and smooth like a snake. You won't know even if he has bitten you. He is well dressed too.

HISTORY MAKER HOMES / Don't buy from them


I discovered the sewer pipe was filled with construction trash that caused the down stairs toilet to over flow and flood the living-room. Two walls were over 3" off plumb and should have failed inspection noticed after we started painting the 1 color house. Oven, two cabinet doors, and the kitchen light cover was stolen by the contractor the night before we moved in. Upstairs floor squeaks because they did not properly secure the plywood. After 2 1/2 years window seals are rotting like they are 20 years old. Had repairs done continually every month for 18 months in a row. I got ripped off for...