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Haplin Data Services Complaints & Reviews

Haplin Data Services - Michigan, Plainwell / Got scammed


Hello I too was taken in a scam from Haplin Data Services I have see at least two letters a week from them . It all statred with letters to solve math problems . I did send them in as I am in need a a mircle of Money to catch up our bills I did loose 10 dollars but that is ok as I now know it is a scam to just make money because now they want $29.95 but not sending that I am wise to there scam and I pray that no one else will get caught up in this too. Thanks for the site and all the people talking about this amil scamm. Sincerelt Holly P.

Haplin Data Services - Ohio / Grand Slam Winner


I have on numerous occasions asked these people to stop e-mailing me and sending my letters in the mail stating that I have won a GRAND SLAM DRAWING PRIZE but I first must submit money to them. I have not, and will not send them any money but I'm tired of receiving these e-mails and letters. What can I do about it?

Haplin Data Services / grand slam scam


recieved letter telling me i had won a grand slam and asking for £5. Thank you for your website. Mark Wood. Thier address RESEARCH DEPARTMENT REPLY PAID 1313 RUNAWAY BAY QLD 4216 AUSTRALIA