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Hands N Paws Complaints & Reviews

Hands N Paws - Maine, Clifton / Rec.d f/u email, calling me a pig!


Dec. 3, 2007 I ordered a pair of boots. Dec. 6, 2007 I emailed an inquiry as to how long it would take to get the items shipped out. Rec'd f/u email stating 7-10 days. Dec. 20, 2007 I emailed and told them if the item had not been sent out, please refund my credit card and cancel the item. Dec. 21, 2007 rec'd email with USPS tracking number. Jan. 11 contacted USPS with tracking # was told the package was not found in the system. Jan. 12, 2008 emailed Hands N Paws again. F/U email was the item was the 'wrong color' and would be mailed out within a few days with a...

Hands N Paws / Stay away, this place is a joke!


People, please stay away from this company. Absolutely no follow up on an order placed on July 10th 2007, it has been 2 months. I've emailed them three times with no response, after being frustrated with their terrible service and fake tracking number I emailed again for the fourth time where my product was and from what I've seen received the usual rude response back from them. They say there canceling my order because I complained that there giving out bogus tracking numbers, no email contacts and just plain terrible customer service. I'm thankful they did this but now I'm...

Hands N Paws / The rudest company I have dealt with!


I place an order in June 2007, sent an instant payment via Paypal, waited 3 weeks... and nothing. I don't expect a daily e-mail on the order status but 3 weeks is a long time to wait to have paid for merchandise and not receive it and not hear anything about it. I Googled the company and found these complaints, and got the feeling that unless I contacted the company I would never get any money back or any merchandise. So I e-mailed the company, here is what I wrote: "I placed this order quite a while ago, and have no communication from you as to what the status is. I am concerned because...

Hands N Paws / Did not receive merchandise


This company is a fraud! Do not purchase from them no matter how convincing their website may look. I ordered, and paid for a dog collar a month ago and I have never received it. I cannot get a hold of this company. I have e-mailed them numerous times and have heard nothing. I have also called the number on their website about 50 times and no one ever answers. You only get an answering machine and there is no way to leave a message. I am calling my credit card company and asking for a refund. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Hands N Paws / Unbelievably terrible service!


I placed an order in the middle of December 2006. I did not receive the order until mid March 2007. 4 months later. The package arrived marked up, the packing slip and plastic cover was torn and I could not read the return address. Since the merchandise was so late, my puppy grew and the items were useless. I emailed the customer service center and requested their "RMA" as directed to return the package. I also complained about the fact that it was extremely late and I did not think it was fair that I could not get my money back... which was not satisfactory as it was not my fault that the...

Hands N Paws / No way to contact, merchandise not received


After several attempts to contact this company by email, and one month after having paid for a pet carrier, I have neither my item nor an explanation from the company. My credit card was IMMEDIATELY charged for the merchandise, with no follow up from Hands N Paws as to when I might expect delivery of the pet carrier. There is no phone number included in their website, and no customer service contact person with whom one can call to discuss any problems. The "email us" with any problems section is bogus, as no one responds to your queries. I have contacted my credit card company for a full refund. This company is a scam and should be investigated.