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Hagler Auto Group Complaints & Reviews

Hagler Auto Group - California, Moreno Valley / Horrible Employer


Unfortunately Hagler has closed his doors and filed chapter 17...Me as an ex employee is very upset especially now since I did not receive my final pay check as promised by Mr. John Hagler. He pretended to be ALL for his customers and employees but the real truth is he is a liar and a straight coward yes I said it COWARD I want my money JHAG!!! Oh yeah you may want to pay your employees taxes as well Dummy!

Hagler Auto Group / Poor Service


I've got to agree with Jose P.'s remarks above. My experience with Hagler has been awful, expensive and worthless. I now honestly believe they had no intention of ever selling my car, just keeping my money. Do yourself a favor, go else ware.

Hagler Auto Group - California, Moreno Valley / Will not sell


Hagler Auto Group I Trusted to sell my car or my money back, They did neither. All Hagler does is post your car up on ebay and if it sells take an absurd amount. They Charged my $1, 250 to list my New Z06 for sale, and now saying that my price was too high for the car, so i will not get my money back. FYI, i had the car posted 2, 000 Below Blue book. Dont use Hagler Auto If you do not like getting scamed Thanks! -Jose P