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Aug 29, 2017

We have tried two actions on GuideTrip: creating an account, and booking a tour. (Notice how the website from the beginning is not secure. It's only http, not https.) We input our information to create an account, it logged the information, then gave us a 404. When we try to log-in, it acknowledges that we do indeed have an account, but it's just not active. Soooo, they are taking the data under false pretenses. (Separately, why is it required to give a phone number just to create a log-in? Hmm.) Then we tried to book a guide directly. Again, the site requires we input our data, but then gives a 404 after "processing". I believe the entire site is fake. Be very wary of founders Arjun Sachdeva and Rohan Reddy. / Stolen copyrighted artwork

Sep 27, 2015

Today our team found that the images we sell for $2000 (limited edition original artwork) was stolen by Guidtrip and they are using it on their website to advertise their Ethiopian tour. The photo in question was stolen from Dmitri Markine Photography Very unprofessional behavior from GuideTrip. Along with the image in question, we found that other photographs were also stolen from other photographers we personally know. After evaluating further, it appeared pretty much every image on their website have also been stolen. What they are doing is beyond unprofessional. I... / Copying of my content

Jun 26, 2015

I signed up for Tours in Barbados, I posted experiences on their site, and now they are copying my compositions and photos and other tour providers tours and info under fictitious Guides like one Antonio, I have repeatedly complained to site admin Rohan Reddy and he will not remove them .I believe SegWay Barbados has also filed a complaint with their website