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GTE Federal Credit Union Complaints & Reviews

GTE Federal Credit Union - Florida / Harassing Phone Calls!


EVERY SINGLE MONTH I get harassing phone calls from my mortgage company (GTE) for being late when I am still in the grace period!! I come home to recorded messages from them, even when I see that they have already cashed the check!!! My paycheck falls after the 1st but still well within the grace period every month, so this is constant. It has been going on for the 2 years I have had them as a mortgage company, and I even called to ask them to stop doing that every month and they said they call because it's due the 1st. They said the 16th is the grace period. Isn't that why it'...

GTE Federal Credit Union - Florida, Tampa / Minor child's savings account deactivated


April 2009, my child's savings account was deactivated without parental notification. On December 15, 2009, I spoke with Mr. Raul Vasquez at the GTE Federal Credit Union, at 711 S. Dale Mabry, who said there was no Standard Operating Procedures he knew of that explained the rules regarding Juvenile saving accounts. It appears since I am the parent that opened the account for my child, I should have been contacted via numerous means. As of this date December 16, 2009, I'm still living at the same address that's on file at the GTE Credit Union. I have been for approximately 18 years It appears that if I had co-signed for a loan, the credit union would have made sure I am made aware of a default loan.

GTE Federal Credit Union - Florida, Tampa / Loan Charges Over the roof!!


I put up my car in 2005 for a loan with GTE Fed. Credit Union, 1. I received only a copy of a reciept paper for my loan after signing the necessary papers. Now they can not seem to find the SIGNED documents, 2. The loan papers state monthly payments of 259 amonth, then I get three years worth of payment books which is now 297.77 amonth, THREE YEARS so anyone would fiqure it is a 36 month loan seeing no one sent any signed paper work or amount, so four months in to the "Automated payments, they start taking two payments out 259.00 then the extra they forgot to tell me when I signed the loan...