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GRC Vita Power Pro Complaints & Reviews

GRC Vita Power Pro / Unauthorized debit from my account


Back in May I watched a commercial with Leeza Gibbons on a new mineral make-up that i wanted to try for $29.00 (Sheer Cover). Well when I ordered it over the phone I understood it to be ONE months worth so I could try it. Then the product arrived and I was debited $109.00 cents on my debit Visa . I called and they said it was 3 months worth which was NOT told in the advertisement. I decided to keep it as my daughter liked it but told them do not send me any more unless I directly order it and know what the TRUE price is. then all of a sudden I receive these vitamins in the mail called "endle...

GRC Vita Power Pro / Charged but no receipt provided


When purchasing Proactiv over the phone, I agreed to try the GRC Vita Power Pro vitamins. When the charge posted to my flexdirect debit card, I was asked to provide substantiation of the purchase. I called the company and was told I would receive a receipt / invoice in the mail. The next charge of $33.94 for the next shipment was posted to my flexdirect debit card. I had never received a receipt / invoice for the first charge. I called the company again and was now told they do not and would not provide invoices, receipts or bills for any purchase. I told them to cancel my account.

GRC Vita Power Pro / Money withdrawals after cancellation!


I have canceled this product several times and they continue to withdraw from checking account. I was told when I called to cancel the product they would not longer send the product or withdraw funds. I am still receiving the product and they continue to withdraw from my account.

GRC Vita Power Pro / Billed to my VISA for prod not approved


This is the second time I have had a problem with this company. I ordered a Winser Pilates exercise product, and when I ordered if off the TV program, the telephone receptionist asked if I wanted to get the "FREE Vitamin Supplements" courtesy of ordering the Pilates exerciser. I said "NO THANK YOU" that I already had my own vitamin supp. that I take. I have noticed that my VISA has been billed AGAIN this month (November) for a shipment of GRC Vita Power Pro. in the amount of $33.94, and there is MY VISA charge card number (believe it) for anyone to use, and an 888 phone number to call if I am...