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Apr 23, 2012

I upgraded to the read along upgrade, It would not work, Every time I selected to use it it would kick me out of the lesson window. rendering unusable. I contacted CS and was told to go F myself.. I have NEVER experienced such A-hole customer service In my life and will NEVER use that company or allow any body I know to use that company again!!! Keep in mind the price they quote is not the price you will pay.. Of course they wont tell you that until you have already paid and owe more.. - Arizona / Horrible Service - Lousy Instructions

Jan 5, 2012

I took the entire on-line course and completed each quiz at the end of the chapters. The quizzes were timed and the answers automatically submitted. The final exam was also timed and I assumed my answers would automatically submit when time ran out, but I was wrong. I was using the time to review my answers and when it expired my answers didn't submit automatically. I was suppose to select the submit button on the bottom of the page. The instructions made no mention of this aspect and based on all the chapter quizzes I was simply doing what was previously established as the standard. When... - California, Santa Monica / worst customer service/arrogant attitude


I took an online class with these stooges, and wanted a copy of my certificate for my records. I was having them send one to the courthouse where my ticket was issued, to dismiss the moving violation. They advertise for ONLY $5.95, YOU TOO CAN HAVE A COPY OF YOUR CERTIFICATE!!!. I thought to myself, that's kind of expensive for an 2 cent copy and a 47 cent stamp, and a 8 cent envelope, so their certainly making a huge profit...but, what the heck..just so I have a copy for myself... long story short..these jerks don't even do THAT!!! They let you have access to it, and let you print it... / worst website & service ever


This service was absolutely unbearable. Horribly unresponsive customer service, an impossibly difficult process to take the final test, and a website that was very buggy and painful -- I recommend that everyone stay away!! Ugh. Unfortunately, I spent $180 on the service (ticket plus class fees) and can't just give up.