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I have been trading Emails with this company for a month, about 3k wow gold I purchased. I was told originally it was in stock and delivery would take less than an hour. They refused to answer any questions about why it was taking so long or give an estimate as to how long it might take. Every response consisted of “wait plz”, “they are collecting” and “will give to you ASAP” and any request for a refund was ignored. They still advertised they had it in stock and available for immediate delivery. I talked to a couple of the live help associates to try to... / HUGE SCAM! DO DELIVERY GOLD/PRODUCT


Do not trust or buy from this Company! is the hugest scam ever. DO NOT TRY TO SAVE A FEW BUCKS WITH THIS COMPANY BECAUSE YOU WILL GET SCAMMED! I WASTED $15 AND I NEVER RECIEVE MY ORDER. THEY CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH! THEY HAVE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE (IF ANY) PROOF OF THE SCAM 1. Try using their live customer service (on their front page). No one will ever reply. FAKE 2. No Phone Number (some legit places don't provide phone # but this doesn't help GoGoer) 3. When you pay, they take you to a chinese Paypal (shows that they do not understand the language) 4. Prices are too cheap but realistic DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GOGOER. Try instead. / VERY poor service


This company has the worst customer service. I purchased gold for my character on Thursday. It is now Sunday night and they finally fulfilled my order. Mind you, this is after I threatened "Maggie" (we all know it's not Maggie, probably Chung from China) with a paypal dispute. I asked politely that I wanted a refund. All the person would say was, "I am so sorry for that". I went quickly from patient and polite, to impatient and rude. I demanded a refund and all they said was, "i am sorry, i do not know who". Don't know who? "I do not have ability to refund". After 2 hours using...