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Gloria Holmgren Complaints & Reviews

Gloria Holmgren - South Carolina, Charleston / Fraud


I am not going to waste any more energy on this scammer after this. She is not a good person. She is a liar, a scam, and fraud. She receives all of the emails I send because I have confirmations sent back to me. She knowingly steals money from people by offering and promising "rebates" on trips and NEVER returns phone calls or shoots straight. Do some research...this isn't isolated...this is a standard business practice...her husband must know. They should be super proud of the way they look in the mirror. Shame...she had the trust of so many and blew it. Bottom line...Gloria and her...

Gloria Holmgren / Fraud and scam


We booked a trip with Gloria Holmgren-Jump on Board Travel for our 10 year wedding anniversary. The trip was to New York at the beginning of Dec. We of course had to pay in full and wire the money which we did. We have yet to receive any statement or confirmation on our trip. We have tried to get a hold of her and demand a refund, but have not been successful. We now have a lawyers involved to try and get our money back. We have booked trips with her in the past that we are still waiting on rebates and refunds.

Gloria Holmgren / Fraudulent Business Activities


In February I booked a trip to the Bahamas through Gloria Holmgren. The trip was scheduled for mid May and I never received written confirmation of the trip details, only a verbal promise that I would receive the travel documents as soon as she had them. She called me a week and a half before the trip to tell me that the resort was over-booked and that I had to change my dates or change resorts but would be granted a free trip to compensate for the inconvenience. I chose to reschedule for August and again requested written confirmation, yet only received verbal confirmation that the trip wa...