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Global payments Complaints & Reviews

Global payments - Ontario, Toronto / Merchant banking services

Feb 9, 2017

Here are copies of emails trying to get answers. This was a three month experience trying to close my account and getting funds deposited from August / Sept 2016. Horrible service, no replies to email until I lose my you know what. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- You have got to be kidding...! Jan 31 statement on # 4078... - two transactions totaling $98.17 and fees are $87.22. And these were transaction from Sept 2016. This is unbelievable. Now you know why I went to PayPal. We are officially done. Will I be getting any more surprises or do I have to...

Global payments - North Carolina, Montreat / financial services

Jan 4, 2014

The problems started when I would wait for long hours for the processing my online payments. I fought with them and eventually after few months they let me change to a new processor but still owned my gateway. Then after two weeks they closed my gateway. Though my issues were eventually resolved I don’t want any of my fellow merchants to go through a similar experience. Hence the post

Global payments / debit card

Jan 3, 2014

Alveris I have an export business and it was doing well before I signed up for services with Global Payments. Last September I got a bulk order and customers choose to pay via credit card. But this set off a fraud investigation where Visa and Master cards are not eligible for transaction. When I sought an explanation the service provider did not respond to my request. Global payments terminated my account worth $11000 and unceremoniously informed me that I will not be able to access the same before a period of 200 days.

Global payments - California / Rude and predatory

Jun 30, 2013

I have a gambling problem and ran up $2500 that I owed Global Payments. I've probably had over 100 transactions with them in the casinos, Each transaction was anywhere from 500 to 2500 dollars. They refuse to tell me how much money I've made them. When I ran up this small debt I was considering bankruptcy. Gambling messed me up good. When I told them that they didn't believe me and called me a liar. A lawyer convinced me not to file for bankruptcy. At the point I decided to pay, as opposed to file for bankruptcy, Global Payments had already been excessively rude to me. I had...

Global payments - Minnesota / Declined check

Mar 19, 2011

Purchased gasoline at a Holiday and was told check declined, got a printout of phone number to call and all it does is refer to a "Service" to purchase and wait for a text message on my cell phone (plenty of money in the accounts both times). Attempted to purchase items at MinnCo Computers in Waite Park, MN and check was declined, received "transaction Confirmation " all it shows is Declined, Decline Check and a phone number to call 866-860-9061, I get a automated message asking for personal information and a message to expect a response in the mail in 48 hours. MY response is a letter to each...

Global payments / Overcharged


To Whom It may Concern: It has been three months and we are being billed much more than what we were told at the initial consultation. The payments for Master cards are still going to the wrong account. Evo Salesman will not return any messages left on his cell. He says we need to deal with the merchant services customer care and if you call there we are put on hold(after waiting to get through to anyone for 20 minutes to half an hour) and transferred to another department to do the same or given a different number to call and start over. Once we decided to return the terminals and we called, but...