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Futon Planet Complaints & Reviews

Futon Planet / Not as advertised

Nov 10, 2011

Even though Futon Planet says twice on their homepage that they deliver to your home ("to your doorstep"), it's not true if a queen-sized futon is ordered. When my son, daughter-in-law and I each called about delivery, we were told that the shipping for queen-size futons is only to curbside. Since my son lives on a hill, will be working during the day of delivery, has a wife who two weeks ago had a baby, and has a mother with a bad back, that is not helpful! Supposedly after the queen-size is purchased, then "the small print" tells the buyer that the delivery is different from that on the...

Futon Planet / Horrible quality


The GripperStrips are horrible. The product is literately a 1/4 in. piece of gray foam with a mildly adhesive backing. They claim that it is the most revolutionary product on the market, and you would think that " Futon Planet " would be the experts on that! I called to get a refund of the $29.99 I spent on them. The owner who was conveniently on vacation, but the rep. who I was talking to was able to reach her... The owner's was willing to "bend the rules for me" by: having me pay to ship the item back to them =$10 waiving the 20% restocking fee. reimbursing her for the shipping - they...