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Fuel Foods, Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Fuel Foods, Inc. - Florida, Palm Beach / Erik Leander

Feb 02, 2016

OK FB friends...I need your help. This MEATHEAD continues to lie about returning my brothers stolen money which he promised to refund last week, but clearly he has eaten too many steroids to be able to be honest. I need you to call or text his cell phone (561.379.5853) and demand he return my brother's money! I want him to feel the wrath of the internet and let him know he can't continue to rip off customers. I will be contacting local Palm Beach county officials and media outlets as well to ratchet up the pressure, but anything you can do will help. It won't take but a minute to let him...

Fuel Foods, Inc. - Florida, West Palm Beach / Stolen Customer Money

Jun 22, 2015

My daughter ordered meals from this company 1 time on 4/29/15 and we was overcharged for shipping, initially. We did get the food, but was a very small portion for the price, so my daughter decided she no longer wanted to order from them. However, they kept billing my credit card weekly. Even though they know they did NOT send any further food, they refuse to send us a refund. All they will tell us is it was our fault for not re-ordering. They charged us in total of $731.00 in unshipped food and refuse to make the situation right. Sure... we ALL want to put blame on the customer for taking...