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Fresh Chocodiles Complaints & Reviews

Fresh Chocodiles / Horrible Company


My girlfriend purchased 4 boxes of Chocodiles from Fresh Chocodiles back in Mid August. Shipping was almost double what it really costs but that is not the problem. The problem is that the Chocodiles that arrived were Expired and STALE! I know sometimes you can eat something after the expiration date but I tried them and they were certainly stale. And to be honest is it really fresh if it is expired? So anyway my girlfriend emailed them the day she received them and was told she would receive a refund. That was the last we heard of the company. We have sent several emails since and they just...

Fresh Chocodiles / total ripoff


Made a small purchase ($25) on Apr. 19, 2009 to try out service, paid with PayPal. No product, no response to multiple emails. Obviously just a website and PayPal account, not a real business. Had to issue a dispute with PayPal. Probably won't get a refund, but should help close this scam down.

Fresh Chocodiles - California / Never received product or reply


Ordered 4/29. Paid through Paypal Never got confirmation, never received order, emailed 10+ times for status of order (through their site and through e-mail addresses). Never got one reply. Items were a gift for a birthday...which is tomorrow. I am now one of MANY to be ripped off by these crooks. I also like on their site how on one page it says all items are shipped USPS Priority and on another page it says all items are shipped Fed Ex Ground. This site needs to be shut down!

Fresh Chocodiles - California / Didn't deliver goods


We placed an order over a week ago for $40.00 Haven't received anything and can't get a response back. We called and left a message!! No response yet.

Fresh Chocodiles / No customer service


I ordered 2 boxes of Hostess Raspberry donuts. Gave my credit card to pay for them. They charged my account and never shipped my order! I have emailed them several times and I get no response whatsoever. I think the 'customer responses' are fake. It's been 4 weeks and my order was supposed to be shipped the same week.