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Freetricity Complaints & Reviews

Freetricity - Alabama / Customer Service

Apr 19, 2011

There have been complaints about a company in the U.S. called Freetricity, but I have been told that they are a completely different company to one also called Freetricity in the U.K. I have only had brilliant dealings with Freetricity Plc. in England. Although a lot of people are inclined to think that they may be a scam as well, simply because they offer free electricity through the Feed-in-Tariff Scheme, I assure you that they are not and do exactly as it says on the tin! As I say, I have no idea about this company in the U.S., but the one in the UK is absolutely fantastic.

Freetricity - California / Total Fraud!! No product no money!


On 08-24-08 I called and purchased two E2D Windmaster wind turbines and a grid power converter system for a total 0f $5704.00. Carl Vettes, the owner of Freetricity told me it would take 6-8 weeks for shipping. After 10 weeks went by I began to look online and see customers had been having issues with the products from Freetricity. These issues included poor quality, missing parts, extended ship times. I called Freetricity and advised Carl over the phone I was cancelling my order. He guaranteed me a full refund and said it would be mailed out by check on 11-27-08. I did not...

Freetricity - California, Hemet / ripped off


Stay away from this business and this man. I learned the hard way as he now has a large amount of my money and I have basically nothing in return. ( Well if you count 2 broken down wind generators that don't work as something) I am now working hard to get my investment back through the court system. Do not get taken in by this company. Read other sites and check their BBB reports as well.

Freetricity - California, Hemet / Total Scam


Company sells small wind turbines and distributorship territorys for same. No matter how many units you order they may eventually send you one unit. the units do not and cannot work. They send you the one unit as this takes it from criminal to civil situation. The owner uses at least six diffrent names and has done a similar scam at least one time before with golf equipment. Please be careful as he is a very smooth talker. Check his BBB rating.