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Oct 27, 2014

I recently joined the website I won’t recommend it, ‘coz this webiste doesn’t provide 100% protection. Once my account was blocked and I wanted to reach the moderators, but all my emails were returned back, ‘coz this website didn’t have any support team or moderators at all. Beware, and better don’t use it. No protection, no support, total waste of time. So share this info in order to warn others. / If any of you are thinking about joining 'Flirtbox', take it from me, you're wasting your time and energy

Aug 20, 2011

I find this site tedious and so full or errors it's unbelievable! There are never any Admins online and if you have a problem, it is never dealt with when you submit an inquiry via their email address. your account can get deleted and email address blocked for no reason at all, and when you try asking why this has happened and ask them for a 'valid' reason, you are totally ignored!!! There are so many errors when trying to 'sign up', that when you get the message 'accont has been accepted' you are still unable to reply to any messages sent to your inbox, as you...