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Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide Complaints & Reviews

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide - New York, Farmingdale / treadmill purchase

Oct 31, 2017

We purchased a refurbished treadmill. Over $3k. Treadmill was severely damaged during delivery because it was dropped on the driveway. Company acknowledged the damage and 3 months later has not fully repaired the damage caused by their delivery team. We have exchanged many emails and phone calls regarding this issue. They stopped responding to my inquiries to have this repaired under the 6 month warranty. Complete communication blackout. At the last minute of delivery they demanded to be paid in full with check despite the credit card info they took. This is part of the scam. See other negative reviews below. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide - New York, Melville / scammers, stealers and cheaters

Jul 28, 2017

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide ( is not even a registered corporation in the state of NY, but is the main advertised company. FEDWW does business under CAC Fitness and Zachleigh Fitness. It is owned and operated by John Greeley who has incorporated (and dissolved/abandoned/bankrupt) 11 different businesses under various people’s names over the past 25 years to steal and scam people and businesses nationally and internally, evade IRS and NYS taxes, and commit check fraud and kiting, and launder money for personal and business purposes. When the CORP accrues too many...

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide - New York, Melville / refurbished fitness equipment

Jul 23, 2017

DO NOT EVER do business with Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide or any of John Greeley's "corporations." John Greeley and his long time accomplice, Denise Barry, have done "business" under 11 different corporate names (see below) over the past 20 years to scam, steal and cheat customers, the IRS, New York State Department of Taxation, banks, credit card companies, merchant processors, and other corporations. FEDWW is not even a registered corporation with the state of New York because it operates under CAC Fitness Inc and Zachleigh Fitness. Each time one of John's corporation...

Fitness Equipment Depot Worldwide - Ohio, Chesapeake / Fraudulent Business

Jul 20, 2015

In May I sold equipment to this company. They came and picked up the equipment and left a check that later bounced. Supposedly a replacement check was mailed but was never received. We have called and emailed and tried to collect payment, but every time the ONE person in accounting makes up some excuse as to why they cannot pay. We want the equipment returned or paid for! They basically STOLE equipment!!