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Fast Link Couriers Complaints & Reviews

Fast Link Couriers / package still undelivered after ccf paid. now asking for even more money!!!

Sep 11, 2018

I lodged my concerns regarding Fast Link Couriers Service In July/August 2018. I have not had any feed back on this. All I got was a request for even more money to be paid. An very exauberant amount. This package was sent to me by a fb "friend". I have informed Fast Link that I am not taking any responsibility for this and will NOT receive this parcel. However I requested my money to be refunded as I do not have the parcel and do not take responsibility for this parcel. To date no money has been refunded and this money I received another threatening email. This is now really out rages!

Fast Link Couriers / Ask me to bank in more than tax

Oct 20, 2015

Hi. I nurul Nadia.. my friend. from USA sent me parcel.. he says have a hand bags and anything else and money.. so fast link Malaysian. Call me tell that parcel at Malaysia but i must bank in RM 3500.. so I bank in already.. after bank in they saying have a problem because sender sent money and must have a certificate.. so if not they will Sue me.. or I must pay RM10500.. SO HOW help me.. [protected]

Fast Link Couriers / Parcel

Jul 09, 2015

I have been sent a parcel by Ernest Frank he is in UK he sent 2 big bags via fast link couriers then they called me to tell me that my parcel has arrived and I must pay the handling fee of R2850 and I must deposit it into their bank and I did then they said they will deliver them the following day as their manager was not available that time to sign off the parcel, the following day in the morning they called me to tell me that they have scanned that parcel and they found money inside and that is not allowed for that I have been fined R5500 if I pay it I am going to get my staff I then went to...