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May 16, 2011

I don't know if the financial aid dept is aware of this. But, it would be great if someone would post alerts about this website: Like MOST college students, I am in a hurry and everything is done at the last minute. Let me add, I am a struggling mother of two as well. So, I typed "fasfa" in the Google search field ( The first thing that popped up was: After several unsuccessful attempts to login, I called them. I should have known something was up when they answered on a Saturday evening. After giving her my SS#, first & last name ... - Alaska / Misleading

Feb 25, 2011

This is the most mis-leading site I have ever seen. It takes 20 minutes longer to fill out than the It is hard to tell that it is going to charge you 79.99 at the end. It takes you through the whole thing and then finally tells you that you have to pay. Google has placed it above all the other listings so it looks like it is the legit site. I call this phishing and deception. I hope it gets shut down ASAP. Time is valuable and is a waste of time and esp. money! / Stay away from


Gives the impression it is a school financial aid site for higher education, but you don't realize your in a for profit form filer until its too late. why would a person pay $79.00 to fill out a form that is free. your trying to get financial aid, why would you want to pay. they need to change site address, make it clearer. / misleading name


I cannot understand how a company can use a government acronym like the letters fasfa and not be considered scaming people. I googled fasfa to fill out application for student aid for my son. is the first thing to pop up so I filled out application then paid $79.00 from my debit card only to find out the real site is and it is free to apply. I think GOOGLE should not allow them to use the same acronym as it is very misleading and taking advantage of parents trying to get some financial aid for students. charged my debit card immediatly but the application was not processed that day which was the deadline to apply.