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Evia Auto Sales Complaints & Reviews

Evia Auto Sales - New York, queensbury / wouldnt fix my vehicle

May 2, 2013

i purchased a 2000 gmc sonoma pick up from this dealer i had the truck for a year the inspection was up on it so i brought it to them to have the work done they called me and told me that the truck needed 1000s of dollars worth of work and only two things were covered under there fabulous warranty (not)that was lower ball joints and tierods and they said it needed a pitman idler arm those are covered. then they proceed to tell me that it needs a filler neck tube to the gas tank thats why they say the check engine light was one that was triggering the code as an evap code, and the gas line...

Evia Auto Sales - New York, Queensbury / Fraud

Apr 20, 2013

I recently went to Evia Auto Sales on January 23rd 2013 and found a vehicle that we wanted. The salesperson seemed nice and stated that the vehicle we wanted he knew had some issues but that they had changed the cadalidic converter, breaks, rotors and he told us that we had bumper to bumper coverage including electrical or 24, 000 miles. As he put it, this was a great insurance coverage for the vehicle. He brought the price of the vehicle down to 6 thousand dollars. Had to put down 650$ that day in order to keep the vehicle. The vehicle had over 1000, 000 miles on it. We got it home and found...

Evia Auto Sales - New York, Queensbury / Shady Business Practces


On April 16th my fiancee and I walked onto the Evia lot looking for a minivan. We found a 2003 Windstar, and had the unfortunate bad luck of meeting Scott, the "Sales Manager." While waiting for a test drive, I was asked by another salesman on the floor (Who I'll call Goatee) "So, do you plan on trading in anything?" I replied: "I'm not interested in discussing financing until I get a firm offer on the car." Goatee's response? "Whatever..." Fast forward about an hour or so...I test drive the car, look under the hood and body, all seems well. It looks like a good prospect, but...