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Eugene Alkana Complaints & Reviews

Eugene Alkana - California, Pasadena / Re-negotiate mortgage terms

Mar 6, 2011

This guy has been banned in the State of Colorado for not obeying State Laws. He continues to commit unethical practices in the State of California. He will take your money and promise you that "you will win" and "slam dunk case" but DO NOT BELIEVE anything this jerk says or does. Stay Clear of him and his office. He is a registered "Licensed Agent" (Realtor) in California. Here is his information. Name: Eugene S. Alkana Mailing Address: 131 N EL MOLINO AVE STE 310 PASADENA, CA 91101 License Number: 01484394 Expiration Date: 03/14/2013 Sales Person Working Under Eugene Alkana: Zachary Blunt

Eugene Alkana - Louisiana / scam


The company sends out letters claiming to be able to re-negotiate mortgage terms. They use wrongful information and provide misleading information on the phone. It's a scam preying on people in need.