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Ensimini Financial Services Complaints & Reviews

Ensimini Financial Services / The company hasn't provided the payout

Oct 18, 2015

I got the phone call from Ensimini Financial Services. The lady informed me that I would get my provident payout within 3 months. I have patiently waited 3 months, but after this period of time, the rep contacted me couple of times and told that they would send payment on 24th of September. I have waited and again nothing. I don’t trust them anymore and would like to call to the police.

Ensimini Financial Services / Fraudulent Provident Company

Jul 27, 2015

Well i have had a provident fund investment with the above company, payments were made to the fund regularly, when it was time for them to pay me what is due to me, all they do is ignore my emails i have sent email to as many people within the organisation but not one person has had the decency to respond to my mail, I honestly believe that Ensimini consist of a bunch of fraudsters they never ever any of their promises