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EMPIRE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd Complaints & Reviews

EMPIRE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd / Management Review

May 30, 2015

Hi. This is more of the review rather than complaint for Empire manufacturing company. I just join company a year ago and before i join i read all the review on this forum. But after i join i very surprise on the management. The management of EMSB very good. All the complaint on the fourm just a lie. It is from employees who i think not good at their work and now only finding people to blame for their mistakes. there is no injustice done to we malaysians. Singapore directors very kind and understanding. Unlike some of our malaysian directors. and infact better. dont read all rubbish written here. i very happy in company.

EMPIRE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd / Blaming on others

Feb 03, 2015

I was last day before chinese new year. I receive a memo from management to all staff said klang branch was screw up after screw up, was mention using this sarcastic words. I think as a leader, also a share holder we aspect you will be writing more professional to describe something or to against things you are not happy. By the way this company is lead by you all the authority and decision making is done by you from the first day. So are you try tell public was holding food empire share, that your management and leadership have problem and your company is not running well or you try to blame?...

EMPIRE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd / No procedure and useless management

Aug 05, 2014

Hi All, I have been working in this company for one years in production. I experience that this company management like to take picture if they found something is not right is he try spread it become a big issue. They are not after taking picture conduct a meeting with the head of department think simple way to solved the issue. I think this Micro Management way to do things. This type of company please beaware because the HR Department also not neutral they will site management. Whatever Singapore management ask them to do or fired a person they will do they are not concern on the local Labour...

EMPIRE Manufacturing Sdn Bhd / Terminate without reason

Aug 04, 2014

Dear All, I am a purchaser in this company. I work less then 6 moths a lot things not familiar, This company name as empire manufacturing sdn bhd they don't have proper procedure to train and develop a person. I have no idea how they judge us on our performance not reach their requirement. This also because I done some mistake without any guidance on my superior name as Knight Lim. Immediately he was terminate with warning or counseling. I feel that HR dept need take full responsible never follow Malaysia labour law procedure to terminate without any guidance, SOP and procedure. The HR...