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E2Save Complaints & Reviews

E2Save - England, Greater Manchester, Manchester / mobile phone device contract

Feb 15, 2018

I was told I would be delivered a Samsung 5s on Monday after payment. Payment taken and no phone. I can no longer log into my account as I'd number Apparently invalid and all contact numbers are void. Parent companies deny involvement and I literally cannot find a way to contact e2. I was promised upgrades after three months but at the moment I would be happy with a walkie talkie

E2Save - England, Cumbria / Cashback

Sep 10, 2012

WAs due a cashback cheque June 2012 from E2save. It was never sent. Emailed and said one would be sent. Waited 30 days no cheque. Emailed said one was sent but would send another. Waited 35 days, no cheque. Emailed told some confusion as to what "voucher should be claimed" said cheque would be sent. It is now Sept 2012 and I still have not got the cheque. Now have been sent a cashback cheque for the wrong amount on my wifes claim. But only after they sent me an emailed telling me my claim had been rejected. Is E2save going belly up or are they just desperate to save money by not paying cashback claims. Either way something is seriously wrong.

E2Save / Dodgy mobiles and theiving company

Aug 26, 2011

I received a telesale call from a company called Halo mobiles working with T-Mobile, they offered me a contract which i agreed to, the following day i received a further telephone call stating that my application had been declined but they had a better deal with vodafone so obviously agreed to this, the following day i received a text msg from parcel force stating that the t-mobile had been dispatched, i contacted the number given to find that it was parcel force not Halo mobiles. The following day i received a call from Halo asking me to confirm that i received the T.Mobile, i informed them...

E2Save / Stay away


I ordered a pay as you talk phone and £10 airtime from onestopphoneshop AKA e2save or carphone warehouse. After several phone calls I received the phone and sim card. -they promised next day delivery- But there was zero credit on the sim card although I paid for £10 of airtime. I phoned them and they said the credit would go on sometime in the future. I have never had so much trouble buying a phone and sim card before, and to contact them I have to dial apremium rate number and listen to music for 40 minutes before they answer. I would not advise anyone to do business with these people.