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Dublin Rarities Complaints & Reviews

Dublin Rarities / will not return money

Nov 23, 2013

my 86 year old mother is very hard of hearing. Joe mcArthy of Dublin Rarities sent her a shipwreck coin. He used her check routing number and charged 900 dollars. she did not think he could get money without her signature. i have phoned him and the company and his secretary about ten times.. They assure me they are mailing her money back. She mailed the coin back about ago. He states they mailed her money back on Veterans Day So far, no money has been received. My Mom is so upset that I am afraid she will have a stroke. she can not sleep or eat. It is more than she can stand.. Please help her if you can. She trusted this man. He took advantage of her.

Dublin Rarities / I can't get my funds for over a month.

Jul 20, 2013

A man from Dublin Rarities called me and said he had a 5 dollar gold coin, worth 7000.00 dollars they had already shipped to me for my approval, for $2450.00. I told him I didn't want it. They charged my credit card and said if I didn't want the coin for any reason, they would send money back. I can’t get my funds for over a month.