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Dr. George Commons Complaints & Reviews

Dr. George Commons - California, Palo Alto / Dr. George Commons Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Apr 02, 2013

A friend of mine went to Dr. George Commons more than a decade ago and is still reeling from the damage done to her by this absolute disgrace to medicine. Dr. Commons turned a routine procedure into a nightmare. He operated on about 20 wrong areas of her body and cost her over $220, 000 worth of corrective surgery and attorney fees due to the aftermath of his horrible surgical work. This Palo Alto plastic surgeon shouldn't be allowed to hurt any more people he pretends to want to help. I know my friend is not the only victim of this licensed butcher, but he has money to burn, so he throw...

Dr. George Commons - California / Fake Reviews

Sep 30, 2011

Mrs. Commons - you are busted! I found a fake positive review by Carol Commons of Los Altos about her husband, George Commons. She has posted fake reviews of him all over the internet, but this was the most blatant because it had her name in it. And she slipped at one point and referred to him as George instead of Dr. Commons. If you are going to lie, at least do it well, lady. But I guess sloppiness runs in the family, i.e. her husband's surgery. The fake review has since been removed by yelp.