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Disney Movies Complaints & Reviews

Disney Movies - California, Coalinga / Language


I purchased the movie Madagascar Escape 2 Africa for my 5 year old child a few months ago. While I was attempting to teach her how to play the Test Flight game on the special features, I was absolutely stunned at what i heard. When you are given the option to choose one of the 3 objects to fix the planes engine, my daughter choose the boat engine. The game then proceeded to tell her that while that was an engine, that it would not work and the plane would DROP FROM THE AIR LIKE A ###ING SCROD!!! How was someone allowed to put that kind of language in a childs movie in the first place. I will...

Disney Movies / Membership


Recently I got a letter from the Disney Movie Club, actually sent through an agency of some sort. They claimed that my membership was being canceled and since I wasn't able to keep my commitment I not only have to pay the balance over due but also I have to pay for the movies I got during the promotion in the begging. First of all, I don't owe them the money they claim I do. I returned the movies they sent and I have the receipt to prove it. Has anyone else gone through this problem? If so, what did you do to take care of it? I just want out already!!