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Destination Paradise Complaints & Reviews

Destination Paradise - Hawaii, Honolulu / scam, false services and advertisement


We had mistakenly signed up with this travel service and it's a complete scam; false advertisement and poor products. They advertised and presented that they are representing major hotels such as the Marriott, Sheraton, Hyatt and Ritz Carlton. I had checked Paris, New York, San Francisco, Italy and Spain. There are no accomadations near any of these cities. The city may list several places to stay but the same hotel or condo repeat themselves with different pricves. Destination Paradise is a scam company which takes advantage of the Hawaiian visitors. By the time you leave and look up the...

Destination Paradise / ripped off


My husband and I was promised free tickets and 8 night condo with destination paradise. We have not received not one free gift. We paid $6000 for the time share and haven't received one thing free. I sent in for a crusie using the reward points of $3000, when asked how much of out of pocket would we have to pay for 7 day western caribbean cruise, would cost us 2, 2491 for two. I asked about the rewards and she said once we return from the cruise, they'll send us $45.00. This is not right. We paid $6000 and the only thing we'll get out of it (haven't received nothing yet) is $45.00. The next time we're in Hawaii, we will make sure we tell everybody we see, STAY AWAY FROM DESTINATION PARADISE

Destination Paradise / Sales Practice, Product Issues, Contract Issues, Refund Issues, Collection Issues...more complaints than I can list


When I sat through the presentation you were led to believe that you could book all sorts of trips any where you wanted. You can not look at the product you paid for until approx 14 days and of course after the so called cancellation period which isn't feasible for people who are traveling & they already know are on vacation. After getting my password & user code I found out that I would not be able to vacation whenever & where ever I wanted. Of course any place that I've put in isn't serviced and if there is an area close by it tells you when you have to start & finish your...

Destination Paradise - Hawaii, Honolulu / high pressure sale


We were directed into attending this "timeshare" presentation which we were told was not a timeshare, in exchange for a free gift with a 150 dollar surcharge. After a high pressure sales pitch and the usually greasy used car salesman type hype, we decided to refuse to acquire the service (which was given a 10K price tag!). When this happened, we were made to wait for over 20 minutes (hoping for our gift to be delivered to us); then a larger more intimidating character who was supposedly from the corporate offices in Florida approached our table and offered us a "special offer" with a mere 3000...