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Dead Sea Beauty Kit/Collagenta Complaints & Reviews

Dead Sea Beauty Kit/Collagenta / There are no contact email or phone numbers to be found for this

Feb 05, 2013

Thought this was a sample, when I tried to contact them the contact their customer services did not work, there is no phone number or address that worked on the site.

Dead Sea Beauty Kit/Collagenta / unathorized orders/charges

Jan 05, 2013

I am having the same problem as you all with the charging of the account for things I had not yet decided I was going to get. The Collagenta and Dead Sea Beauty Kit are from the same company and as far as I'm concerned if they had worked as well on myself as they did on the subjects they used (they had more wrinkles to take care of than I did at this stage of the game)I would have ben happy and continued on ordering. Their auto-Refills are $89.95 for the same size but if you don't continue with the program you get charged the $139.95. They are charging people before they have a...