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Dec 30, 2016

There’s this company called cyber pc experts that located in india. On september 23, 2016, they call me up state that i’ve just been hacked. I didn’t click any unfamiliar email or porn site or anything like that. I’ve have one of those lifetime plan whenever my pc runs slow they will fix. The company tells me that must purchase a plan the protects me from hacks and must buy another protection plan for the slow speed issue. I tell him that I have two computers. The company charges me 712 * 2 = 1424 for the hacks and 499 for the lifetime slow speed issue. I look up my records and it shows that I... / Computer security

Sep 17, 2016

The following email exchange with WINZIP will be of interest to all who have been scammed by WinZip Customer Support: Attached is the invoice for the purchase I made in 2013 that included Registry Optimizer. Very soon afterward it stopped working, and I called your tech support on the phone. A computer security company came on the line, said it was Winzip tech support, advised me to add security software. Eventually I did, they used remote access to my computer to load security. From that point I became involved with that company because it said you were the headquarters. I... / Unethical behavior, deceitful business practice.

Sep 11, 2015

Date of incident: 9-7-15 Reference Number: ES-07SEP200140-4560 Ticket Number: 1268459 Customer Unique Number: SA48771119 Amount I was told: $251.00 Amount I was charged: $260.26 On the morning of 9-7-15, while I was working at home on my personal computer, my computer was taken over both visually and mechanically. My screen was completely filled with a blaring red pop-up and the audio announced that my computer had been infected and my personal information etc. was not secure...and that it required immediate attention. I attempted to get rid of the pop-up but could not. I tried to shut down... / Bad service

May 22, 2012 were supposed to fix some software problems with my computer by a means of remote help. They’ve accessed my computer on several occasions but nothing was fixed and they’ve still insisted that no money can be refunded because they’ tried at least... What a scam, never use their services.