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I will not be doing business with this site again. I ordered two collector's maps for the US state quarters. There are many versions of this collector's map advertised by other companies but I specifically wanted the limited edition map (as seen on tv) that was pictured on the cyberbrands website as their business is to sell products that are 'as seen on tv'. What was sent to me were 2 totally different maps that I could've purchased elsewhere. I fell victim to their false advertising and the transaction was a waste of my time. I sent the maps back for a full refund. I... / Account charged without sending a product


Larry, owner of (Cyberbrands, International) in Torrance, CA. is evidently the business owner, customer service department and everything, which is fine, but he charged my account without sending the product. When I spoke to him on the phone the first time, he said he'd check with the warehouse and get the UPS tracking # and e-mail it to me. He did not. The second time I called, and got him again, he said he'd check my order "with the warehouse". I asked him to please just cancel it and debit my account and he said he would and that he'd send me an e-mail...