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We ordered a vinyl cutter. The first thing we noticed is that the woman who answers the phone seems to be on drugs in that she talks so fast and is so hyper you can not carry on a conversation with her. The company would be well served to dump her, if not for her, maybe we could have worked out the problems. I told her at least 10 times she has to slow down, but of course she didn’t. The cutter showed up, we hooked it all up, installed the software (very poor software) and nothing worked. We worked with this hyper woman for over 6 hours trying to make it work and they... / Fraud and cheating


I purchased a vinyl lettering machine from the website back in November of 2007. When I received my cutter, there were no instructions and I would call the number listed for technical support and either it would just ring and ring or be transferred to a voice mailbox that was full, so you couldn't even leave a message. After months, I finally got a hold of someone and they had sent me a defective key (USB cable) which was the reason my system was not working. I had to spend countless hours talking to their tech support people trying to get the system up and running. I finally wa...