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Apr 13, 2011

What a horrible experience.. I have never had a company so blatantly lie to a consumer. How could they have shipped an order within seconds of my card being processed. Then 3 weeks later it has not arrived and i began the process of contacting them. After many unsuccessful attempts I realized i was being ripped off and I needed to take action. Due to the non existent Customer Service. Charging my credit card and have yet to deliver. I had no choice no choice but to call my credit card company, and the local and national authorities. I am fortunate that I have many Merchant Services contact... / Took my money but did not deliver


Took my money but did not deliver - I ordered supplements for $119.60 on Dec. 2, 2008. Now 15 days later no delivery. I have tried many times to contact them leaving messages and questions. No response. I need to contact my credit card company and try to deny the charges and let the world know that this web merchant must be dishonest. - British Columbia, Vancouver / They do not ship out product orders


Please be aware that the vitamin and supplement website called has stopped delivery. Do not place online orders for their products on cureself. You will not receive the products and you will lose your money. They do not have a customer service phone number on their website and they do not reply to emails.