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Continental Trade Complaints & Reviews

Continental Trade / unable to repatriat monies invested in continental trade

May 19, 2013

back in 2011 i was contacted by someone from a company who claims to be continental trade. they said they were in the business of investments and made me an offer to buy stocks from BIDU a chineese company, they claimed that they bought stocks on my behalf and subsequently made numerous calls to me updating me of how my stocks was doing. when i asked about selling my stocks and repatriating ash to my account i was to that i had an infraction on my account and that i would have to do a makeup trade which i did for a further $10, 000 us. A few weeks later i ask about getting cash from my account...

Continental Trade / investment fraud and scam

May 17, 2011 group would like to warn you against Continental Trade ( ) fake investment company. It is a scam created by the same people as: BIB - Better Investment Bureau, Anderson Shaw Group, Birchall McCallen, Cornerstone Worldwide, Eurasia Trade, Interactive Trade, Mann International, Pharos International, Pro Capital Management, Source One International, Sovereign International Vantage Capital International. DO NOT trust them, DO NOT do any bussiness with them and DO NOT send them any money. If you are bothered by them - inform your police and national financial authorities. More information at: