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Oct 19, 2014

I contacted the rep from the website and asked if they could write content for my website. I was really disappointed, when I got the writing from them. I found so many mistakes that it was too much. I was angry and wanted to return money back, but the rep refused and told that they didn’t care about mistakes. Please leave comments about this company, because people should be aware when they buy from such dishonest people. / They did completely nothing and wanted to get money for the cancellation

Oct 19, 2014

My company hired people from the website We paid them $500 and after 4 weeks, it turned out that these jerks did completely nothing about our order. When we asked to provide refund, the rep told that they would charge us for $100 for the cancellation of the order. Seriously? It was too much, so please post comments and share your views about it. / Poor and bad content and they didn't react on your complaints

Aug 16, 2014

I contacted the rep of the website I asked them to write content for my website and when I got the final work, I was shocked. It was poor and looked like baby wrote it. A lot of grammar mistakes and content was really-really bad and poor. I was shocked and wrote them email and told that it was horrible, but they didn’t react. Not recommended website and don’t waste your time there. Share this info and post comments.