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Consumer Health Benefits Association / FTC Cases Opened - Unauthorized Charge to Credit Card


I worked for a company for 27 years and was laid off due to a change in contract. I retained my health benefits during my six months severance period, but after that they ceased. I couldn't find another job and I couldn't afford the astronomical cost of individual health coverage, so I went looking for a more affordable alternative. That's when I found CHBA. They charged the credit card I designated $129.95 per month for their discount plan. I didn't have any health situations that required doctor, ER or hospital visits, but I did use it for prescriptions. It worked okay...

Consumer Health Benefits Association / Fraud and lies


Just a few minutes ago a man named Gary from Consumer Health Benefits Association contacted me over the phone trying to sell me what he said was a health insurance plan. It was in response to an inquiry I filled out online. He was somewhat pushy and wanted me to make a decision on the spot and pay over the phone. He said this was a special deal only made available to the public once a year and today was the last day of the offer. I first asked very clearly if this was a HEALTH INSURANCE plan or a MEDICAL DISCOUNT plan. He said this was most definately a HEALTH INSURANCE PPO. I then asked if...

Consumer Health Benefits Association - Florida, Coconut Creek / rip-off


This is a rip-off. salesman came into our home for over 1 hour telling of thew great savings on medical, dental and vision care. over 200 per month have tried to use it 3x in the past year, no luck... I need to travel ove 30 miles to use their so called network providers, for a $5.00 savings. This was suppose to supplement my medicare coverage but cannot use for my local physicans or hospital. Called the program yesterday to try and use for dental and vision. No help can not speak to a supevisor they do not accept calls, the reps will take a message for someone to call when they have time!...

Consumer Health Benefits Association / Fraud and cheating!


I was contacted today by an agent for Consumer Health Benefits Association named Daniel Cintron. I have been searching for health care coverage because I am on Social Security Disability Income and do not qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. I have been denied by several major health care companies due to my disability and the amount of my total prescriptions. I was thrilled when Daniel Cintron contacted me. He informed me I was approved for "health care benefits". He talked so fast that I had not had time to digest where he had gotten my personal information. I of course accepted without doing...

Consumer Health Benefits Association / What a fraud!


Below is a copy of my complaint to the BBB against Consumer Health Association. As stated in the complaint. I was contacted on my cell phone. Yes, I did go on the Internet looking for HEALTH INSURANCE BUT not on their website. It is like popups if you go on one website they seem to all get your information. That is how they contacted me by cell phone. Adams first words to me were "I understand you are looking for HEALTH INSURANCE." (As stated in the complaint below) after the original call from Adam, (at approximately 3:30 PM CDT on 09/14/06) I had second thoughts so I decided to go online...