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Claires / Extremely poor service, beware people

Oct 03, 2011

We were shopping in claires and a really rude worker came up to her and said that she saw her putting an eyeliner in her pocket but all she was doing was taking out her money to pay for it. she was so rude you could hear her in the whole store and people were looking i want the worker fired or at least talked to for EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE.The lady ended up kicking my friend out of the store and i got very angry i refuse to shop there anymore until the lady is fired.

Claires / Unethical behavior

Oct 16, 2015

i purchased few items for my daughter, one item was bent and another was broken so i went to exchange and was told that i am now red flagged because of my exchanges and that it is suspicious activity to do exchanges and that i am never allowed to do another return or exchange again at claires.i was told this in front of other customers and then i left and came back in for bag because clerk didnt put item in bag and when i walked in the clerk was talking to the other clerk about my being red flagged right at desk facing the customers!!so everyone heard, i have done nothing wrong and am very disgusted with the staff and especially the manager at claires in st.albert, alberta