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City Of Los Angeles Complaints & Reviews

City Of Los Angeles - California, Los Angeles / citation

Jan 3, 2015

I went to therapy at 115pm. I put several quarters in the machine and it gave me two hrs. I come back to my car and I have a citation on my car. The time given was at 1.35 pm. Now I go and look at the meter It shows I have 55 mins left. I taken a picture of it . I feel they are give tickets to people for no reason. Im going to pay it right now but I feel this is robbery. I will take this higher if I have to..

City Of Los Angeles - California, Los Angeles / Untrue ccv code used for ticket

Jul 5, 2011

On 2/17/11, I was having s/s of my fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I had to get to the post office before 5pm to pick up medication that had been shipped from my pharmacy an hour away. Due to feeling ill, post office soon to close and I could not find parking, I parked in the red zone outside the post office with my hazard lights on. I thought I'd be out quickly, felt feverish and wanted to get my medication and go home and get in bed. I did receive a ticket for my poor decision to park in the red zone. I paid this ticket. The ticket was put on my car with a time of 4:29 pm and...

City Of Los Angeles - California, Los Angeles / Parking violation


July 26 2009 i got a ticket in Hollywood, 1720 Mc Cadden Pl for a stand prohibit. I am from Germany and I didn't notice a sign that it wasn't allowed to park my rental car. The number of the car was WA 981481921, rented by Hertz, the ticket No is 2052988792. The fine was 90 US$ and I went immediatly to Wilshire Blvd, Ste 3337. It was Sunday and the office was closed. Because I had to leave LA the next morning very early, I wrote my name and my credit card number on the ticket and could bring it under the door into the room. When I received a letter from the Parking Vioations Bureau...