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Cheryl A. Paradise (Kaczmarek) Complaints & Reviews

Cheryl A. Paradise (Kaczmarek) - Wisconsin, Cudahy / cheryl a. paradise (kaczmarek) is sick, twisted, shady, evil and crooked against second shift co-workers

Nov 17, 2018

Cheryl A. Paradise (Kaczmarek) is sick, twisted. shady, evil and crooked against me, LaDonna Quick, Brian Allen, Curtis Cotton, Rennard Cotton, Evita Buford, Shalonda Overtree, Daryl Holman, Brian Lacey and Yovel Sullivan. Cheryl is money hungry to steal and cut co-workers hours from their paycheck. Cheryl A. Paradise (Kaczmarck) don't show nobody no respect, no dignity and no self respect against second shift co-workers!!! I worked for her at Froedtert Hospital when she was Food Service Supervisor for second shift. She fired me and got rid of me for no reason!!! I always did a good job...

Cheryl A. Paradise (Kaczmarek) - Wisconsin, Cudahy / cheryl a. paradise (kaczmarek) cuts people hours and cheats people out of their work hours

Dec 22, 2017

I was working at Froedtert Hospital second shift in 1998 and 1999, Cheryl Paradise (Kaczmarek) was the second shift kitchen manager at Froedtert Hospital who cheated me out of my hours in 1998 and 1999!!! I looked at hours on my paycheck stub to see how many hours I worked. Cheryl took off my hours and Brian Allen's hours off his paycheck too. That caused me and Brian Allen to quit Froedtert Hospital in 1999. Cheryl Paradise is evil, wicked, crooked and corrupted!!! She don't care about black co-workers who work in the kitchen.She lies, false accuse, slander, make false accusations and make...