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Celebrity White Teeth Complaints & Reviews

Celebrity White Teeth - New York, New York / fraud and theft


I ordered a free trial of celebrity teeth product on 3/4/10 for $.99, nowhere did it say anything regarding a membership fee or cancellation information. Two weeks after I saw a dibit from my checking account and I called them and the told me it was annual membership fee, I told them I didn't want the product they can have it to just please put the money back in my account because at the present time I was without a job and couldn't afford $149 debited from my account because I had my other bills that I had to pay and the payment had went out already, well what do you know my other checks for...

Celebrity White Teeth - Florida / debit without authorization


I ad order a sample that cost $3, 95 to learn later that they charge my account 2 other times it time $ 87.47 of my account was taken call the company several time 04/08/10 wait 45 minutes and spoke with kate collen and manager nancy perez that garantee that the money would be deposit in my account on 04/10 spoke with kate mccaan that promise the same on 04/14 spoke with david webb... All I have to said is be careful they are all liar today 04/19 spoke with david webb again and still promises and promises but nothing happen... I have been scamed

Celebrity White Teeth / false representation re: sample


After ordering a small sample of whitening toothpaste advertised for a few dollars plus handling and shipping, I recieved 8 days later a package with a whitening set for which i was charged $149.95.I called the customer service and was told that the fine print on the website said it was for a 14 day free trial from date of order.Jay Demango told me that shipping took place 3 days after order placement and I do remember recieving the package at least a week and a few days after posting this order So much for 14 days. Of course they will not take a refund on this unused product.I firmly believe...

Celebrity White Teeth - Florida, Jacksonville / unauthorized charge


I too was caught in the celebrity white scam. What I ordered (like 0thers) was a free trial for $.99 and what I got was the product and an unauthorized charge on my debt card (along with the 99 cents) $79.98. I spoke with several people at 1-866-202-0846 they told me about a 14 day cancellation period I had. Well guess what. I ordered for this free trail on march 30th, recieved it on april 8th or so, I saw the $79.9 unauthorized charge to my account on april 10. Over the weekend I tried to contact someone everyone was closed, finally spoke with customer service on monday april 12th. All thi...

Celebrity White Teeth - California, Torrance / free samples


Read the small print on these guys. Their Free sample actually is a committment to a recurring monthly fee of $80. You allegedly have 14 days, starting 4 days after you order the Free sample to cancel what you did not order in the first place. When I called my bank I recieved the phone number for the $79.98 billing (not $.99 as advertised) and they said they were not the ones billing me. They gave me a run around about some other vendors of theirs who must have done this and they could not help me cancel the charges because their records do not show any charges, even though the bank billing...

Celebrity White Teeth - Maryland, Columbia / gross over charge/free samples... not free


To Whom It May Concern, My wife was surfing the internet and noticed this "White Teeth" promo. It stated that you would receive free samples of a new whitting product for your teeth. The only thing you had to pay for was shipping. I submitted my information along with payment (I used my credit card). Well looking over my most recent statement, I noticed a payment of $87.47 was made to "White Smiles" which is a subsidiary of "Celebrity White Teeth". Please refund my account the amount of $87.47 immediately! Let it be known that I will not authorize any payment to "White Smiles" or any other sunsidiary of this company. If this amount is not refunded I will take legal action to the full extent of the law.

Celebrity White Teeth / credit card fraud


This company promises to sen you a free trial teth whitening kit for just the shipping price. According to the website you have 14 days to try the product and then a "membership" fee will be charged. I had $169.95 charged to my credit card. I had literally just received the product, and no contact information was listed. There was also a bogus UPS label listed. When I called UPS to track the delivery date, they said that the tracking number did not exist in there system. According to the customer service agent, they said that the trial period started the date of the order. How could I review a product I didn't have? I have my credit card company disputing the charges with no success so far.

Celebrity White Teeth / scam


This company is a scam. They advertise a trial sample for 99 cents. When you get it you are agreeing to a monthly contract of $149.99 but they make it clear that you can cancel at any time. When you get the product it is nearly 10 days later. I received mine on a Friday and attempted to cancel the monthly agreement immediately. I could not speak to anyone by phone but did leave a voice message. I also cancelled via email. I reciedved an email that I had to speak to someone in order to cancel. On Monday when I finally got someone on the phone and did cancel it, they told me it was too late for...

Celebrity White Teeth - South Dakota, Mitchell / deceptive advertising scam


I wished I would have read through the complaints of celebrity white before I even placed my order back in beginning of feb 18, 2010 for free 99 cent offer and $3.87 offer. I also discovered over the wknd my checking account had suspicious charges taken out one was for $149.95 and another for $40.00 and another for 87.00. The $149.95 was celebrity white. The $87.00 was build wealth which turned out to be brite white and the $40.00 was another charge another tooth whitening name. I called two different toll free numbers got the same story I had passed my 14 day trial so they automatically...

Celebrity White Teeth - Massachusetts, Boston / non refund


I ordered a trial product of celebrity white teeth last month. Nowhere was it mentioned while I ordered the product online that I have to call them in 14 days and cancel my subscription. When the product arrived neither was it mentioned in the packet. Now I see a $59 charge on my bank statement. I called their customer service. She was unwilling to give me the phone number of their refund deptt. Instead gave me an email address. I sent them an email but they declined my request. I was late by 5 days they said. This is a scam. Someone should do something about it. I needed that money so I could pay my bills. I am already living paycheck to paycheck.

Celebrity White Teeth - California, Torrence / rip off


I order a sample from celebswhiteteeth which ad I seen on the IRS website. I read the terms and conditions before I ordered the product. It said I had to call withiin the 14 days to cancel or I will be billed `149.95 for a membership. I ordered the product, cancelled my membership the same day as descibed in THEIR terms, got an email confirmation number 2 minutes after I cancelled. I did get the sample, but they had billed my bank account the $149.95 and a visa card charge of $1.20. I ordered the product on 1/20/2010 and cancelled on 1/20/2010. They billed my account on 1/29/2010. 9 days into...

Celebrity White Teeth - Maryland, Rockville / refound request


I purchased a 'trial size' tube of this tooth whitener for 99 cents as directed in Cosumers Digesty and they billed me for a month's supply. It is the size of a skinny tube of mascara and they said that the .085 oz (2.5 ml) tube IS the one month supply and that the 99 cents was for shipping., next thing I know my credit card was charged 149.95 cents for some "membership" I was never informed of this, never by no one, its totaly illegal and this people should be in jail, for this, I want my full refound my name is Stanko Tomic, credit card ends with 1063, someone do something about this please, thank you

Celebrity White Teeth - New York, Pine Hill / misleading ad - scam


Only wish I had looked at Complaints Board website. This is a scam. I had to call and give my Credit Card # to receive free offer of product + .99 cents shipping. Salesman tried to talk me into membership program. I said no thank you, I just wanted free sample as per ad. He said that was okay and he would see that it was shipped. I received the product sample about 15 days later. 3 days later, I noticed that my bank account was being charged for $149.95 from There is no such email address or Web page. The box the sample came in had no company name, and the packing slip...

Celebrity White Teeth - Maryland, Randallstown / annual membership cancelation


I got charged for the product for $149.95 the day I received the product. I did not even get to try it yet. I did not authorize any $149.95 to be charged to my credit card. I tried to talk to customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. I told her she should be ashame to work for a company that rips people off so badly! I am calling my bank in the morning to dispute it. I found out tonight you can not dispute it while it is pending it has to post to your account. I will be overdrawn because I had not planned on this. Scam. Scam. Scam.

Celebrity White Teeth - Texas, Houston / outragest payment


I ordered the product 1-12-10 and received it on 1-26-10 and i called to ask why this product priced on the internet at $3.99.and they deducted from mt account $54.95. the man Denis on the phone at 1-866-202-0846 told me that i had 14days to call and cancel, and that my 14day was the 28 which is today.and i feel that my money need to be returned to me cause i dont even have the time to even find out if it even works on my teeth, I am very outraged at this. my information is Debbie Hollis 9302ebroadwayrd#40mesaAz85208

Celebrity White Teeth - Indiana, Vincennes / sup*forcestrength


I was reviewing my checking account bank statement and noticed two withdrawals of $81.34 to wup*forcestreng om december 4, 2009 and to sup*cleansepro on december 17, 2009. A third withdrawal of $29.95 was noted on december 18, 2009 to sup*cleansepro. I did not authorize any of these transactions. I called the phone number listed on my banking account statement (877-245-1531), and talked to ryan. He told me that I had two accounts open, one for celebrity white teeth and another for I told him that I did not authorize either one of these and asked that these accounts be closed and a...