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CBEYOND Communications Complaints & Reviews

CBEYOND Communications - Texas, Rockwall / Customer Service and Product Performance

Jan 28, 2013

I am a small business owner in Rockwall Texas, and a Cbeyond customer, unfortunately. I lease a full T1 from CBeyond and spend several hundred dollars a month with them. Recently I discovered a problem where my Rockwall business was not getting calls from 3 of the busiest phone exchanges in Rockwall. Two of the exchanges, (972) 771 and (972) 772 were some of the oldest and most established exchanges in Rockwall. (972) 722 was not working either and I had no idea how many other exchanges were not working. This was affecting my existing customers as they could not reach us, and our perspective...

CBEYOND Communications / Cbeyond extortion


Cbeyond is trying to extort additional revenues from our company. We had a three year contract that we honored. We had several voice and email conversations in regard to terminating our contract upon the completion date. When the contracted ended Cbeyond auto renewed the contract. Then when we complained they sent us a cancellation fee for the auto renew worth one year's payment. This deceptive and unethical policy buried in their contract needs to be removed. They have threatened us with harassing phone callas and turning us over to collection agencies. Cbeyond is trying to extort additional revenues from our company. Do not use their services or be prepared to pay up when your contract ends.

CBEYOND Communications - Florida, Miami / This is fraud!


This is a highly unethical company. They came to my office offering internet, business phones and wireless services for a bundled price of $450 per month. The price seemed high and I told them that I was paying $ 310 for all that to another carrier and obviously I was not interested. They promised to include 5 blackberries in the deal for the same price of $450 per month and I bit the bait. I have dealt with at least 10 individuals in this outfit and received no answer. I even took the time to go to their offices in Miramar, Florida and nobody takes responsibility. They kept on procrastinating and...

CBEYOND Communications - Georgia, Atlanta / bad service, false promises


this company did not deliver what they promised as far as competent reliable phone, cell, fax and internet service at a lower rate than we had with our current provider. the service was intermittent with many many problems and we had to play techinician on our end while the reps tried to figure out the problem on their end. cancelling was not an option as they stated it would be within the first 90 days. the cancellation fees are astronomical and unconscionable. we had to give up their phone service and go with another due to the loss of time and business accounts due to the terrible service. nothing but trouble...



I started getting calls from "Mike Turner". He told me everything was ready for my switchover to their service. I asked him what he was talking about. He said he had my signed order. I asked him to fax it to me so I could see what he was talking about. His responce: Go F k yourself. Kind of surprised me that someone who wants me to buy something from him would talk like that. Asked him to repeat his statement and he again said "Go F k yourself". I terminated the call. Got a few more and it was the same conversation. About a week went by and on Oct 23, 2008 in the morning, "Mike Turner" called...